Company Info
PTI, Inc.
Paul Evans
P.O. Box 489
Hinckley , IL 60520
Phone: 630.731.7460
Fax: 630.593.5039
Repair and Maintenance
If totally rebuilding your machinery is not necessary, PTI can fix what is needed to bring your machinery back into conforming industry standards. Light maintenance and repair can be performed in the field at your location.

PTI provides calibration service to ensure that your machines conform to existing ASTM standards. In most cases, our recalibration will tune your machine so that it exceeds ASTM standards. Recalibration can be done at PTI headquarters or in the field at your location. A cost-effective yearly calibration agreement is available from PTI to keep your equipment in top condition at all times.

  • Pin & Vee Block Test Machine
  • Four Ball Wear Test Machine
  • Four Ball Extreme Pressure Test Machine
  • Timkin Test Machine
  • Block-on-Ring Test Machine
  • Tapping torque Test Machine
  • Multi-Specimen Test Machines

Reconditioned Machine Sales
PTI has a limited inventory of reconditioned test equipment. Most used machines that arrive at PTI headquarters are in poor working condition and not very attractive. We are able to restore old equipment back to proper working order and our refurbishing process provides you with updates to your machine that is better than the original. Please contact us for current availability of machines.

We are always looking for used equipment to purchase. Please remember to contact us when you are getting ready to sell your used equipment.


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